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BalancedReading.com Policies

BalancedReading.com was set up as a resource to provide good research-based information about reading instruction to educators.  Our mission is to bring research into practice.

The documents on this web page are for public consumption.  Unless otherwise noted, all of the material on this website can be copied and distributed freely with only two conditions: Credit for the source must be included and prominently displayed, and the material cannot be modified substantially from its original form.  Under these conditions, BalancedReading.com and the authors of these grant permission for them to be freely copied and distributed without restriction.

However, other websites are encouraged to link to BalancedReading.com, rather than reproduce text and documents from BalancedReading.com in their own website.  The documents on BalancedReading.com are subject to revision and improvement, and if the text is copied and reproduced on another website, that text will not be revised.

Feedback is encouraged.  Go to our feedback page if you would like to contact us.

BalancedReading.com also encourages researchers and practitioners to contribute resources and information to be shared through this website.  However, BalancedReading.com will only publish these resources if the authors can demonstrate that they are firmly and explicitly built upon a sizeable body of published research.  Also, when contributors do publish materials on this website or use BalancedReading.com to sell resources, those resources may not represent the philosophy of BalancedReading.com.  Finally, when materials and resources from contributors are published on the BalancedReading.com website, they are subject to the same policies related to reproduction and distribution that are outlined above.

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