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If you think this site provides a valueable resource, we would be grateful for any small donation you could make to help support BalancedReading.com.  Any amount helps.  There are three good ways to help.

First, go to the "B is for Books" section, click on a book that looks interesting to you and buy it from Amazon.com.  That way, you get a good book about reading, and BalancedReading.com gets a small commission.  Everybody wins.

Second, you can make a donation with your credit card.  Just click on the "Make A Donation" button on the left side of the screen, and you will be taken to the BalancedReading.com PayPal site.  Just enter the amount you would like to donate, click on the "shipping is not required" button, and give all the relevant information.  It is perfectly safe and secure.

Third, if you don't like doing things electronically, you can use a stamp and send a good, old-fashioned check to:

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The mission for BalancedReading.com is to provide research-based information and resources about reading to anybody who is interested in promoting reading skills and literacy.  We do all that we can to provide information and resources free-of-charge.  Unfortunately, operating and maintaining BalancedReading.com is a little expensive.  

We do not have advertisers.  

We do not have pop-up ads or subscription fees.  

We do not sell tee-shirts or caps.  

We will do everything that we can to adhere to our original mission -- providing good reading information and resources, free-of-charge.

Thank you very much.

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