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Web Resources for Literacy Teachers

Created by
Michael McKenna
Georgia Southern University

Children's Literature

Internet School Library Media Center.  A beautifully designed site with links to author sites, awards, commercial publishers, organizations, special education, core content subjects, technology, and more.  Housed at James Madison University and administered by Inez Ramsey.    http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/

The Children’s Literature Web Guide.  An attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet resources related to books for children and young Adults. Much of the information that you can find through these pages is provided by others: fans, schools, libraries, and commercial enterprises involved in the book world. http://www.ucalgary.ca/~dkbrown/index.html

Children's Literature Activities for the Classroom.  This site offers teachers the opportunity to retrieve literature by grade level.  Lesson plans are provided, along with other links to be used when teaching with trade books.  I did notice that when several book titles were clicked on, the link was unavailable.  The following stories are some that I browsed through when checking out this useful site: The Grouchy Ladybug; A River Ran Wild; Sarah, Plain and Tall (this one offers printable worksheets); and Island of the Blue Dolphins. http://members.aol.com/Mgoudie/ChildrensLit.html

Educational Publishers and Software Distributors Directory. Alphabetized links to most publishers, including information about author visits and publisher associations.  http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/commerc.htm

TeachingBooks.net. Combines many great features: multimedia components, discussion guides to more than 1,000 books, author study, links to children's literature sites.  http://www.teachingbooks.net

SmartWriters.com.  (Launched April 1, 2002) Variety of resources for writers and educators alike: searchable book review database and author/illustrator school visits directory. http://www.SmartWriters.com

Carol Hurst.  This site is now sponsored by Teaching PreK-8.  It is a collection of reviews of children's literature and ways to use children's literature in the classroom.  Features literature-related activities across many subjects and themes.  In addition to author studies and book reviews, the site also contains a great deal of professional information.  Direct links for ordering literature.  http://www.carolhurst.com

Jim Trelease.  Though a bit commercial, this site, by the read-aloud master, offers some unusual links (e.g., parenting, publishers, author sites, "kid-safe" sites) and other features.  Worth a visit.  http://www.trelease-on-reading.com

Vandergrift's Children's Literature Page.  Great site for children's literature, created by Kay E. Vandergrift of Rutgers University. [Contributed by Susan Knell]  http://scils.rutgers.edu/%7Ekvander/ChildrenLit/index.html

Children’s Book Awards

Choices.  Lists books having received one of the following distinctions: Children's Choice, Young Adults' Choice, or Teachers' Choices.  In my experience, these books are more likely to connect with young people than Newbery or Caldecott Award winners.  Deep-link within the IRA site: http://www.ira.org/choices/

University of Calgary’s Awards Links.  Links to most major children’s book awards, including many of the specific links that follow in this section.  Canadian, British, New Zealand, and Australian awards too.  http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~dkbrown/awards.html

Newbery Medal.  Operated by the American Library Association.  Extensive information on current and past winners, honor books, history of the award, selection process. http://www.ala.org/alsc/newbery.html

Caldecott Medal. Extensive information on current and past winners, honor books, history of the award, selection process. Operated by the American Library Association.  http://www.ala.org/alsc/caldecott.html

Coretta Scott King Award.  This award “honors African American authors and illustrators for outstanding contributions to children's and young adult literature that promote understanding and appreciation of the culture and contribution of  all people to the realization of the American Dream.”  Offers information on the history of the award, criteria and selection, its present and past winners.  Operated by the Amer. Library Asso.  http://www.ala.org/srrt/csking/

Hans Christian Andersen Medal.  Established in 1956 by the International Board on Books for Young People. Currently awarded every two years to one author and one illustrator in recognition of his or her entire body of work.    http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~dkbrown/ibby.html

Phoenix Award.  Given each year by the Children’s Literature Association to an English-language book that was first published twenty years earlier but that did not receive a major award at the time of its publication.   http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~dkbrown/phoenix.html

Georgia Children’s Book Awards.  Does your state recognize children’s literature that has been selected by local educators or children?  Do a search and find out!  http://www.coe.uga.edu/gachildlit/awards/index.html

Books  and E-Books

The Intersect Digital Library.  Features an extensive "library of 'supported text' books incorporating resources and study strategies that help students learn more from what they read."  Contains not only online texts with various support features but lesson plans and help for creating your own supported texts.  This is Lynne Anderson-Inman's superb site at the University of Oregon.  Be sure to note the Diary of Opal Whiteley.  http://intersect.uoregon.edu

Project Gutenberg.  Thousands of public domain online texts of famous works.  “Fine literature digitally re-published.”   http://promo.net/pg/

Internet Public Library.  The IPL offers the full texts of many classics.  Children’s literature, mostly in the public domain, is also included.  Many interesting features for kids.  http://www.ipl.org

The English Server.  This site is housed at the University of Washington.  Makes available many literary texts online, as well as literary commentary.  "Literacy and Education" link is useful.  http://www.eserver.org

Reading A-Z.  Offers downloadable books for guided reading and phonics. Each book has lesson plans and worksheets and the benchmark books have running record forms.  http://www.readinga-z.com

Hiyah.com.  Online classic stories read aloud by well-known performers while text is displayed.  Contains a featured story of the week and a few archived titles. http://www.hiyah.com/

Fable Library.  Offers a number of engaging, downloadable fables (new ones, not the classics), mostly at beginning reading levels.  Also contains a "Make Your Own Fable" feature, enabling children to create their own fables and submit them to the site. http://www.fablevision.com/place/library/index.html

Barahona Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents.  Contains a searchable database of "more than 6,000 in print books that deserve to be read by Spanish-speaking children and adolescents (or those who wish to learn Spanish)."  Headings and descriptions are bilingual.  Updated weekly.  Sponsored by California State University, San Marcos.  http://www.csusm.edu/csb/intro_eng.html

The Velveteen Rabbit.  Online version of this classic.  (Text only.)   http://www.writepage.com/velvet.htm

IPL Youth Division.  A large number of picture books, stories and poetry online, some in Spanish and French.  Offers author links too.   Operated by the Internet Public Library.  http://www.ipl.org/cgi-bin/youth/youth.out.pl?sub=rzn0000

Aesop's Fables.  Collection of online texts, including not only Aesop's fables but some from other sources as well.  Some have audio versions available.  Life of Aesop and information about the fable genre.  http://www.AesopFables.com/

The Real Mother Goose.  Complete online texts of the rhymes.  Introduction by May Hill Arbuthnot.  Beautifully illustrated.  http://trmg.designwest.com/

Miscellaneous Teacher Resources

Gallileo Internet Resources.  Links to many other sources, including ERIC, USDOE, lesson plans, materials, more.  Operated by Univ, System of Ga. Board of Regents.  http://www.usg.edu/galileo/internet/education/education.html

Internet4Classrooms.  A a collaborative project developed by Susan Brooks and Bill Byles, this site contains a multitude of resources for educators at all grade levels.  Includes online texts.  http://www.internet4classrooms.com/lang.htm

ABC Teach.  This colorful and easy-to-browse website is one of my favorites.  I recommend it to any educator or parent looking for useful and creative materials and ideas.  It offers month-to-month teaching themes, a rain forest unit, printable Dolch lists, literature materials (e.g., Charlotte's Web), portfolio resources, book report forms, graphic organizers, and many, many more.  http://www.abcteach.com

School Express.  Contains free worksheets, free units, free math online activities, free stories online, award maker, spell maker, funtime, and many other activities.  http://www.schoolexpress.com

Public Broadcasting System.  Many kid activities related to characters they are familiar with, such as The Big Red Dog, Bert, Ernie etc.  There are also many interactive writing activities. Included are links to other PBS sites.  http://www.pbs.net

Georgia Learning Connections.  A great site for lesson plans, regular and special education information, and teaching strategies across the curriculum.   http://www.glc.k12.ga.us

Apple Learning Interchange. A great site for lesson plans, regular and special education information, and teaching strategies across the curriculum.  http://www.ali.apple.com

NEA.  Home page of the National Education Association.  Many links to resources and information for teachers.  Try the "Readacross" link for materials, lesson plans, and more.   http://www.nea.org

Preschool by Stormie.  Provides preschool teachers with monthly thematic activities.  Stormie suggests a shape, colors, number, letters, gross motor focus, fine motor focus, nursery rhyme, water table activity, and mini-georgraphic/multicultural idea per month.  http://www.preschoolbystormie.com

The Perpetual Preschool.  Offers teachers month-by-month ideas for various activities, plus teaching tips (e.g., about behavior management, home visits, etc.), seasonal themes, "Teacher 2 Teacher" (where teachers correspond online), and learning center ideas.   http://www.perpetualpreschool.com

California Reading and Language Arts Resources.  Although focused on the needs of California teachers, this site contains many useful links of interest to all literacy educators, including research, resources, standards, and associations.  http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/reading.html

Enchanted Learning.  Offers background information and free printable materials and pictures on a variety of common topics (e.g., butterflies, dinosaurs, states, Antarctica, rainforests). http://www.EnchantedLearning.com/Home.html

Early Reading-Technology Project.  Offers free downloadable leveled e-books (with audio) at four levels.  Sponsored by the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP). http://www.ertp.santacruz.k12.ca.us/stories/download.htm

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE!).  Offers hundreds of educational  resources supported by by U.S. Federal government agencies in various subjects including the arts, educational technology, foreign languages, health and safety, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, etc.   http://www.ed.gov/free

Between the Lions.  This site is tied to the PBS series of the same name.  It features over 200 games and stories based on the series, divided into 30 web sites, one for each episode. Each site follows the same phonics/whole language curriculum as the series.   http://www.pbskids.org/lions

CyberGuides.  These are activities and lesson plans centered around popular children’s literature, grades K-12.  Prepared through S.C.O.R.E. (Schools of California Online Resources in Education)   http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/score/cyberguide.html

Kathy Schrock.  Kathy Shrock’s Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites on the Internet found useful for enhancing curriculum and teachers' professional growth.  A brach of DiscoverySchool.com. http://discoveryschool.com/schrockguide/index.html

Library in the Sky.  Contains over 10,000 links to some of the best educational resources on the Internet, The Library in the Sky guides teachers, students, parents, librarians, and members of the community on their journeys through cyberspace. http://www.nwrel.org/sky

The Muppets.  Lyrics of Muppet songs, puppetry home page.  Also includes a link to Sesame Street Lyrics Archive.   http://home.nc.rr.com/muppetsongs/

Song Lyrics.com.  Check out the lyrics to those songs your teens are listening to!  (Plus many others.).  Linked to Google as a search engine.  http://www.songlyrics.com/songlyrics/

Campfire Sing-Along Page.  Contains an alphabetical listing of campfire song lyrics.  http://www.achilles.net/~cco/dir-cam.htm

Education World.  This site claims a searchable database of 500,000 resources.  Links include: Lesson Planning, News/Eye on School, Curriculum, Books in Education, Administrators, Education Site Reviews, Financial Planning.  Sponsored by American Fidelity Assurance Company.  http://www.education-world.com/

Alphabet Superhighway.  The Alphabet Superhighway is a resource for teachers to find materials and ideas for teaching almost any part of the elementary or secondary curriculum; it is a place for students to browse for ideas and materials for reports and for in depth information on topics of interest, for classes to build exhibits on problem based projects, for challenges, and for fun. http://www.ash.udel.edu/ash/index.html

KnowNet.   A collection of lesson ideas for Spelling, Writing, English, Reading, and Vocabulary, especially  for grades 5 and 6.   http://www.knownet.net/users/Ackley/lessons.html

Classroom Connect.  Online form of a publication designed as “the K-12 educators’ practical guide to using the Internet in the classroom.”  Loads of resources. http://www.classroom.com

New York Times.  Presents a daily article from the New York Times, complete with classroom activities, plus this date in history, a crossword puzzle, and a current events quiz.  Also offers online software and e-mail access to reporters.  http://www.nytimes.com/learning

Teaching with Folklore.  Resources page for teaching folklore (myths, legends, tales, fables,  religious lore).  Developed by Gary Holzgang, a teacher at Hemmingford Elementary School, New Frontiers School Board, Quebec. Offers lesson plans, resources, search function, contact information, more.  http://www.qesn.meq.gouv.qc.ca/folklore/index.htm

Aaron Shepard’s Home Page.  Devoted to reader’s theater.  Includes advice on creating classroom scripts from children’s literature and also a number of downloadable scripts ready to use.  Also offers contact information and a means  of sharing scripts.  http://www.aaronshep.com/rt

KinderKorner.  Great site for early childhood teachers, created by Victoria Smith!  It is packed with resources, plus she shows pictures of how she gets her classroom ready for the beginning of school. [Contributed by Susan Knell]  http://www.kinderkorner.com

Reading Rockets.  Gives lots of information for both parents and teachers.  Operated by WETA, a PBS station in Maryland. [Contributed by Susan Knell]   http://www.readingrockets.org

Nancy Keane's Booktalks.  Good site for ideas and tips about giving booktalks. [Contributed by Susan Knell]  http://www.nancykeane.com/booktalks

Florida Literacy and Reading Excellence (FlaRE).  Professional development site focusing on best practice.  Excellent online resources and background information.  Connected with Florida's federal Reading Excellence and Reading First initiatives and operated by the University of Central Florida.  http://ucfed.ucf.edu/flare/indexhome.htm

TeacherFiles.com.  Offers free clip art, plus " innovative lessons and resources for teachers."  A creative site operated by Virginia teacher Shayni Tokarczyk.  http://www.teacherfiles.com/index.html

Reading Rainbow.  There are two key sites associated with this popular series.  Both offer descriptions and suggested activities by title.   http://www.canlearn.com/READINGR/rr-alt.html  and  http://gpn.unl.edu/rainbow/

Struggling Readers and Exceptional Students

International Dyslexia Association (IDA). The "oldest learning disabilities organization in the nation, founded in 1949."  Offers resources, information, and research for educators, parents, and others.  Useful links.

AVKO Dyslexia Research Foundation.  Offers resourses and commercial products.  Somewhat out of the mainstream.  A related site is http://www.spelling.org.

Council for Exceptional Children.  Homepage for the CEC, this internet site provides teachers with a valuable resources for their exceptional students. 

LD OnLine.  Provides information and suggestions for parents, teachers, and students.  Useful links and activity section. A great site for lesson plans, regular and special education information, and teaching strategies across the curriculum.

Reading Processes and Strategies

SEDL.  Southwest Educational Development Laboratory's site, organized by area of reading (e.g., decoding, comprehension, letter knowledge, etc.).  Contains a great deal of background on each area. 

Reading/Literacy Resources for Present and Future Teachers.  This marvelous site, constructed by David Lund at the Southern Utah University, offers useful links to nearly every dimension of literacy (e.g., fluency, content literacy, diversity, comprehension, assessment).  Links to articles, printable materials, and key sites.   Frequently updated.

ReadingQuest. Raymond Jones' site containing explanations of key strategies for teaching vocabulary and comprehension. The strategies are universal and well validated but the examples here have a social studies context. Included are semantic feature analysis, graphic organizers, reciprocal teaching questioning the author, question-answer relationships (QARs), KWL, comparison-contrast charts, story maps, and many more.

The Literacy Web.  Don Leu's excellent site at Uconn; great links to many resources in all major areas of literacy.  In Don's words, "The Literacy Web is an extensive collection of the very best resources we have found on the Internet to support teachers with limited time.  Julie [Coiro] has organized The Literacy Web so that you may quickly explore these resources by your grade level or by a specific topic area to find the resources you need.

Case Studies and Assessment

Literacy Cases On-Line. This site, sponsored by the College Reading Association and still under construction, will offer online cases of exemplary classroom practice, told in the form vignettes.  Should be ideal for professional development.

Reading Case Studies.  This site, which will be under continuous development over the next several years, will offer longitudinal assessment data on real children, beginning in late kindergarten and including audio of oral reading samples.  Children will be tracked over time so that long-term developmental trends can be studied by preservice and inservice teachers.

Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy (DIBELS).  A K-3 screening system developed at the University of Oregon for assessing (1) phonological awareness, (2) the alphabetic principle, and (3) fluency with connected text.  Contains extensive background information.  Instruments may be downloaded and used free of change, and for $1 per child per year results may be submitted through the Internet for instant analysis.  (The acronym rhymes with nibbles.)

Interactive Sites for Kids

WordPlays.  Interactive word games of all kinds and at many levels, such as Boggler, Crossword Challenge, Words In Word, Jumble, Anagram, Word Morph and Crossword Helper.  Contains online dictionary. Created and maintained by one dedicated individual, Richard DeSimine. http://www.wordplays.com/

Wacky Web Tales. Children can write their own funny tales by picking a title and filling in the blanks with nouns and verbs. (Based on Mad-Libs.) The tales geared for grade 3+. http://www.eduplace.com/tales

Fun Brain. Full of games for children of all ages and tends to be especially fun for  school-age children.  There are also teacher and parent resources available  on this site. http://www.funbrain.com

Giggle Poetry.  This website encompasses a whole realm of poetry and activities to do with poetry.  The  website was created by Bruce Lansky, and he gives students opportunities to rate  poems, submit poems, ask a poet questions, read interviews, and learn how to write poetry. The site also includes links to poetryteachers.com and fictionteachers.com. http://www.gigglepoetry.com 

Discovery School.  For parents, students and teachers.  Support for quizzes, worksheets, puzzlemaker, and lesson plans. http://www.discoveryschool.com

KidsReads.com.  An excellent site for hands-on use by kids.  It is easy to navigate and there is little advertising.  This site features: video interviews with authors, sneak previews of new books, opportunities to write to authors, a question of the week, student responses to questions about literature, online trivia quizzes about books, word scrambles with book ties, a bookshelf featuring entire books online, information about many authors, and links to other literature sites. http://www.kidsreads.com

The Write Site.  This Ohio site offers tips to middle schoolers on writing well.  It has a journalistic focus and provides plenty of background on newspaper publishing and related topics. http://www.writesite.org

Kid's Search Tools.  An Internet search tool for children.  Search sites are screened for children’s safety. http://www.rcls.org/ksearch.htm

Little Explorers.  Children’s Online Engish Dictionary containing over 1,200 entries.  Also contains English-French, English-German,  English-Portuguese, or the English-Spanish version.  There is a list of classroom activities that use the Little Explorers site. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/dictionary.html

Kidspicks.  American Library Association’s top 10 web sites, according to children.  http://www.ala.org/kidspick

Bibliomania.  Lots of online public domain books.  http://www.bibliomania.com

Jolly Roger.  Lots of teen classics online, chat room available for students to chat about books they have read. http://www.jollyroger.com/treasureisland.html

State Information.  Gives information about all 50 states, including a bio and picture of the governor, the state flower, capital, links, etc.  Just replace “ga” in this address with the two-letter postal abbreviation of the state you wish to research. http://www.state.ga.us

CyberPuppy Software.  Offers a way to construct a journal for those who may not be motivated to do so.  Provides email prompts and a student’s responses to them are housed in the form of an electronic journal that can be viewed on a  customized web page.  A password is assigned and it’s all free.  http://www.CyberPuppy.com

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL).  Offers advice to secondary and college students on grammar, writing in various disciplines, Internet research, more.  Good resource for ESL writers.  http://owl.english.purdue.edu

Ask Jeeves. Pose any factual question and let “Jeeves,” a virtual manservant, look up the answer.  This site is linked to several major search engines.  It provides not only the answer but lots of related information.  Results can be a bit complex, but upper elementary students should be able to sift through them.  http://www.askjeeves.com

Yahooligans.  Page full of links for kids ? some educational, others just for fun.  Excellent kid-friendly search engine.  http://www.yahooligans.com/

Word Central.  Offers a student dictionary, a "Build Your Own Dictionary" option, and the "Daily Buzzword."  Operated by Merriam-Webster.  Daily buzzword gives in-depth descriptions and even a nonthreatening multiple-choice question.  http://www.wordcentral.com/

CIA World Fact Book.  This site offers extensive information (maps, facts, figures) about countries. This is not really a kid site but some will find it intriguing because of the CIA connection.  An excellent database for strategic reading. http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html

Search Engines

Google Images.  A relatively new feature of this excellent search engine is the "Images" option.  By entering your request and then clicking on the Images link, you retrieve only pictures.  Excellent tool for struggling readers with imaging difficulties or others who find the Internet's labyrinth of hypertext a little daunting.  http://www.google.com

Metasearch Engines.  Ever think your search engine may have missed a few sites?  You're right.  Google, for instance, captures only 42% of indexable web pages.  Try one of the new super engines that combine regular search engines and give you a single list.

Links to Teachers and Kids

Rteacher Listserv.  IRA's listserv, now bringing together over 1,000 reading educators.  Subscribers can pose questions or merely "lurk" and follow discussion threads.  Easy to get on and off.  You can subscribe to a digest version if you wish and receive just one composite message per day.  An excellent means of sharing expertise with educators you'd be unlikely ever encounter in person. There is no fee and you need not be a member of IRA to subscribe.  The following site gives directions for subscribing:  http://www.ira.org/publications/rt/rt_listserv.html

Children’s Stomping Ground. Contains links to several sites for people interested in starting pen pal correspondence, either by email or snail mail.  Operated by the Blackett Family in the U.K.  http://www.oink.demon.co.uk/kids.htm

Teaching.com.  Intercultural email classroom connections; allows you to link up with other teachers so that your students can exchange email.  http://www.iecc.org/

Web66.  Links schools which have their own web sites. Web66 goals are: (1) to help K-12 educators learn how to set up their own Internet servers; (2) to link K-12 web servers and the educators and students at those schools; and (3) to help K-12 educators find and use K-12 appropriate resources on the web.   http://web66.coled.umn.edu/schools.html

American School Directory.  Links to over 70,000 schools with web sites.  Contains a search engine "School Reports" options.  The “Education Connection” provides links to other web sites of interest to teachers, parents, and students.  Students can also take virtual field trips to NSF, NASA, IBM, and more.   http://www.asd.com

Africa Online.  Information about Africa, posted writings of African children, interactive games and activities, and keypal links.   http://lagos.africaonline.com/site/africa/kids.jsp

Selected Commercial Sources

Barnes and Noble.  Billed as the world’s largest online bookstore.   http://www.barnesandnoble.com

Amazon.com.  A totally virtual store with no physical counterpart outside of cyberspace; offers online comments from readers and authors.  You can add your own book reviews.   http://www.amazon.com

Scholastic.  Excellent source of children’s books and practical teacher resources.   http://www.scholastic.com

Education Place.  Houghton Mifflin's site, offering esources and support for major textbook programs, plus general resources for all K-8 content areas. Contains numerous related Internet links.  http://www.eduplace.com/

Troll Instructional Resources.  Includes Teacher Tips, presented by grade levels (K-2 and 3-6).  Also offers Kid's Zone, an interactive feature for kids.   http://www.troll.com

The Wright Group.  Teacher information about ordering books, attending workshops.    Also contains a section called TeacherHelp.   http://www.wrightgroup.com

Don Johnston.  One of the best producers of research-based reading software.  Especially oriented toward stuggling readers.  (Don't leave out the t in "Johnston" or you get the actor!)   http://www.donjohnston.com

Pennington Publishing.  Offers resources for teaching spelling and writing "without tearing your hair out."  Site also contains useful teacher links and free resources.   http://www.penningtonpublishing.com/

Author Sites

IPL Author Page. This site allows you to  read Biographies of other authors or check   out Author Links with links to some of your favorite Authors/Illustrators.   http://ipl.sils.umich.edu/youth/AskAuthor

The following woefully but unavoidably incomplete list of author sites combines "official" sites (not all authors have them) with other useful ones.  Please forgive me if I've left out your favorite.  If I have, simply go to Google.com and type in your author's name.  Chances are, you'll be overwhelmed.

Lloyd Alexander  http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/4802/
Tedd Arnold    http://www.geocities.com/~teddarnold/
Avi    http://www.avi-writer.com/
Natalie Babbitt  http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/babbitt.htm
T. A. Barron   http://www.tabarron.com/
L. Frank Baum  http://www.literarytraveler.com/spring/west/baum.htm
Judy Blume     http://www.judyblume.com/
Jan Brett   http://www.janbrett.com/
Marc Brown   http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/arthur/
Eve Bunting   http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/bunting.htm
Eric Carle   http://www.eric-carle.com/
Nancy Carlson   http://www.nancycarlson.com
Lewis Carroll   http://www.lewiscarroll.org/carroll.html
Beverly Cleary  http://www.beverlycleary.com/
Brian Cleary   http://www.briancleary.com
Susan Cooper   www.thelostland.com
Sharon Creech   http://www.sharoncreech.com/
Christopher Paul Curtis http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/curtis.htm
Karen Cushman  http://www.eduplace.com/rdg/author/cushman/
Debbie Dadey   http://www.baileykids.com/authors.htm
Roald Dahl   http://www.roalddahl.com/index2.htm
Teri Daniels   http://www.TeriDanielsBooks.com/
Marguerite deAngeli  http://www.lapeer.lib.mi.us/Library/Exhibits/MdA/Index.html
Tomie DePaola  http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/depaola.htm
Sylvia Engdahl  http://www.sylviaengdahl.com/
Paul Fleischman  http://www.paulfleischman.com/authors/viewclob.asp?key=1&aid=290
Sid Fleischman  http://www.carr.org/authco/fleischman.htm
Mem Fox   http://www.memfox.net/
Paula Fox   http://www.randomhouse.com/teachers/authors/pfox.html
Jean Fritz   http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/fritz.htm
Charles Ghigna   www.CharlesGhigna.com   ("Father Goose")
Patricia Reilly Giff  http://www.randomhouse.com/teachers/authors/giff.html
Virginia Hamilton  http://www.virginiahamilton.com/
Barbara Haworth-Attard http://www.barbarahaworthattard.com/
Karen Hesse   http://teacher.scholastic.com/authorsandbooks/authors/hesse/bio.htm
Kate Greenaway  http://www.speel.demon.co.uk/artists2/greenway.htm
Anna Grossnickle Hines  http://www.aghines.com
Will Hobbs   http://www.willhobbsauthor.com/
Deborah Hopkinson  http://people.whitman.edu/~hopkinda/
Erick Ingraham  http://www.erickingraham.com/
Brian Jacques   http://www.redwall.org/dave/jacques.html
Marcia Thornton Jones http://www.baileykids.com/authors.htm
Charles Jordan   http://www.charles-jordan.com/
Ezra Jack Keats  http://www.lib.usm.edu/~degrum/keats/biography.html
E.L. Konigsburg  http://teacher.scholastic.com/authorsandbooks/authors/konigs/bio.htm
Brian Lies   http://www.brianlies.com/
Madeleine L'Engle  http://www.madeleinelengle.com/
Lois Lenski   http://www.mlb.ilstu.edu/ressubj/speccol/lenski/Welcome.html
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Arnold Lobel   http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/arnoldlobel.htm
Lois Lowry   http://www.ipl.org/youth/AskAuthor/Lowry.html
Bill Martin, Jr.   http://falcon.jmu.edu/~ramseyil/billmartin.htm
Susan Rowan Masters  http://www.madbbs.com/~srmasters/
Nancy McArthur  http://junior.apk.net/~mcarthur/
Suse McDonald  http://www.create4kids.com/
Walter Dean Myers  http://scils.rutgers.edu/~kvander/myers.html
A. A. Milne     http://www.pooh-corner.com/biomilne.html
Robert Munsch   http://www.robertmunsch.com/
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor http://www.ipl.org/youth/AskAuthor/Naylor.html
Scott O'Dell   http://www.scottodell.com/
Janie Lynn Panagopoulos http://www.JLPanagopoulos.com/
Linda Sue Park  http://www.lindasuepark.com/
Dorothy Hinshaw Patent  http://www.dorothyhinshawpatent.com/
Katherine Patterson  http://www.terabithia.com/
Gary Paulsen   http://www.randomhouse.com/features/garypaulsen/
Richard Peck   http://www.randomhouse.com/teachers/authors/peck.html
Tamora Pierce   http://www.sff.net/people/Tamora.Pierce/
Dav Pilkey   http://www.pilkey.com/
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Beatrix Potter   http://www.peterrabbit.co.uk/templates/bphome.cfm
Jack Prelutsky   http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/poetry/jack_home.htm
Robert Quackenbush  http://www.rquackenbush.com
J.K. Rowling   http://www.scholastic.com/harrypotter/author/
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Dr. Seuss   http://www.randomhouse.com/seussville/  and   http://www.seuss.org/seuss/seuss.home.html
Neal Shusterman  http://www.storyman.com/
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David Wiesner  http://www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com/authors/wiesner/
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Laurence Yep   http://scils.rutgers.edu/~kvander/yep.html

Literacy-Related Organizations

International Reading Association.  The principal organization for literacy educators.  Offers literacy links, bookstore, listservs, research, "Choices" booklists (Children's, Young Adults', and Teachers'), grants, conferences. Also accessible at www.reading.org.   http://www.ira.org

National Reading Conference.  Information about the organization, which consists mainly of reading researchers, its annual meeting, and listserv.  An excellent section on “Literacy Links” is guest-edited contains both current and archived links.   http://www.nrconline.org 

National Council of Teachers of English.  SIte contains ideas for teaching English, Literacy, and Language Arts  for P-16 teachers.  Also contains information on books, journals and NCTE news.   http://www.ncte.org/

American Library Association.  Contains links to many author sites and book awards, such as those listed in a preceding section.  http://www.ala.org/

Children’s Book Council.  CBC online contains links for teacher, parents, and authors   in their quest to encourage children to read. Ideas for Children's Book Week.   http://www.cbcbooks.org/

College Reading Association.  Primarily for teacher educators in reading.  Contains links to related web sites.  (Publishers of Reading Research and Instruction.)  http://explorers.tsuniv.edu/cra/

American Educational Research Association.  Foremost organization of educational researchers in U. S.  (Not limited to reading.)  "Net Resources" link offers powerful search options.  http://aera.net/

National Association for the Education of Young Children.  Contains information on NAEYC’s membership, conferences, professional development, position papers, and their journal, Young Children.   http://www.naeyc.org/

Online Journals

Reading Online.  IRA’s new online journal.  Treats all aspects of literacy and is by no means limited to technology applications.  Still free to all!  http://www.readingonline.org/

Education Week.  Current issue plus archives.  You can register for e-mail updates.  Also contains a link to Teacher Magazine.  http://www.edweek.org/

Teacher Magazine.  Contains current issue and links to grants and fellowship opportunities for you and contests and scholarship opportunities for your students.   http://www.edweek.org/tm/tm.htm

Teaching K-8.  Intended to supplement the print magazine, not duplicate it. Contains teaching ideas, loads of links.  http://www.teachingk-8.com/

iT’s Magazine.  This publication is for teachers and students of English (ESL) around the world and provides materials for both.  It offers pen pal/keypal opportunities for the exchange of ideas. There is an archive of teacher materials from back issues with notes for the teacher and steps in using the materials.  http://www.its-online.com

Government Sites

U. S. Department of Education.  Lots of links to agencies, documents, research, grants.  http://www.ed.gov/

USDE’s National Center for Education Statistics.  Lots of online research summaries, especially those involving demographics.   http://nces.ed.gov/

USDE’s Office of Educational Research and Instruction.  Contains a variety of sources offering research findings in literacy and other areas.  http://www.ed.gov/offices/OERI/SAI/

Thomas.  Allows you to locate and track legislation on literacy (and other matters) in the U.S. House and Senate.  Search capability by bill number and by key word/s.  Also contains links to Congressional Record, Committee activity, roll call votes.  Full text of key historical documents available, including U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers.  (Named for Thomas Jefferson.)  http://thomas.loc.gov/

Reading Report Card.  Report of the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress, with access to long-term trend results.  http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/nrelease.html

Selected Research Centers

Research Reports from the National Research and Development Centers.  Makes available over 600 reports from the 12 federal research and development  centers.  Reports are in full text and/or PDF format.  http://research.cse.ucla.edu/

Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement (CIERA).  Database, research summaries, “10 Principles,” “Hot Lists,” more.  http://www.umich.edu/~ciera/

Center on English Learning and Achievement (CELA). CELA is “dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of English and language arts. CELA's research seeks to learn what elements of curriculum, instruction, and assessment are essential to developing high literacy and how schools can best help students achieve success.”  http://cela.albany.edu

Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST). CAST is "an educational, not-for-profit organization that uses technology to expand opportunities for all people, including those with disabilities." Conducts research and develops software (e.g., Bailey's Book House, Scholastic's WiggleWorks). Good source of brain research linked to reading problems.  http://www.cast.org

National Center on Adult Literacy (NCAL). Based at the University of Pennsylvania, NCAL offers a strong collection of resources in the area of literacy research. Also includes information on publications and software.  http://litserver.literacy.upenn.edu/

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Now part of the University of Toronto, the OISE site offers an extensive network of resources, programs, and workshops.  http://www.oise.on.ca/

Selected UK and Commonwealth Sites

United Kingdom Reading Association. Information about publications, issues, awards, research, plus an excellent collection of links to other UK sources. An IRA affiliate.  http://www.ukra.org/

Australian Literacy Educators' Association. Information on literacy education in Australia, publications, standards, awards, conferences. An IRA affiliate.  http://www.alea.edu.au/

New Zealand Reading Association. Links to universities, publishers, awards, New Zealand writers, NZ Book Council, events, more. An IRA affiliate.  http://www.vuw.ac.nz/nzbookcouncil/tradeorgs/nzread.htm

British Dyslexia Association. This organization occasions much interaction. The BDA "offers advice, information and help to families, professionals and dyslexic individuals."  http://www.bda-dyslexia.org.uk/

Basic Skills Agency. Strong on family/adult literacy. This is the "national agency for basic skills in England and Wales" and is government sponsored.  http://www.basic-skills.co.uk/

National Literacy Trust. Sponsored by the Basic Skills Agency. Purpose is to
further literacy generally. Extensive database.  http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/

British Educational Communications and Technology Agency. This is the national organization for educational technology in England and Wales. Not limited to literacy.  http://www.becta.org.uk/

Learning and Teaching in Scotland. This site offers much information on Scottish initiatives, curriculum development, and background. Not limited to literacy.  http://www.LTScotland.com/

Online References

iTools. Online dictionary (Webster’s), rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, maps, phone directories. etc.  http://www.itools.com/research-it/research-it.html

WordNet. Princeton University’s online thesaurus that groups nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in related categories.  http://www.cogsci.princeton.edu/~wn/

Onelook. Online dictionary, impressive in scope. Contains almost 3 million words.  http://www.onelook.com

RhymeZone. A rhyming dictionary online and a whole lot more. Type in a word and receive virtually very rhyming word in English. Very extensive listings, however, including arcane words. Subdivides results by number of syllables. Also provides (on request) definitions, synonyms, antonyms. It will even locate the word in Shakespeare and other sources.  http://rhyme.lycos.com/

WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary. Lets you choose the type of rhyme you want (end rhymes, last syllable rhymes, double rhymes, beginning rhymes, even first-syllable rhymes).  http://www.Rhymer.com/cgi-bin/rhymer.cgi

Readability Sites. Just in case you lost your print copies, two readability formulas are online: the Fry and the SMOG -- directions, tables, graphs, everything you need. Just to keep such formulas in proper perspective, however, remember that SMOG stands for "Some Measure of Gobbledygook"! 

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. Offers quick look-ups plus a thesaurus, word games, word of the day, more. (Connected with Word Central, listed previously.)

Encyclopaedia Britannica. The entire contents online with a convenient search engine and many related links.

Library of Congress. Home page of the most extensive information system in the world (except for the Internet!). Sections for parents and kids. Maps available.

Wordsmith.org. Offers several intriguing features. A Word a Day provides instructions for signing up through email to receive an interesting word and its definition every day. Audio pronunciations are available. (You can receive today's word without signing on.) Site also provides anagrams ? just type in a word or phrase. Offers other reference services via email.

First Names and What They Mean. Provides derivation of over 6,000 first names. Designed primarily for expectant parents but of interest to anyone.

ERIC Sites

ERIC Clearinghouse. Question-and-answer service through ERIC, related to the language arts. Maintained by Indiana University. Easy to use.

AskERIC. This site, operated by Syracuse University, offers lesson plans arranged by topic, an ERIC search site, together with article digests.

ERIC Digests. Extensive ERIC digest system, operated by U.S. Department of Education. Searchable by topic. Good for quick research overviews.

Help for Parents

Tips for Parents. American Library Association’s tip page. Provides tips for parents about how to raise a reader and provides a list of over 700 web sites for children and the adults who care about them. The web sites are organized by subject

iVillage. Broadly based parenting site. Children’s literature newsletter, oriented toward parents. Provides a list of recommended books for your preschool aged child.

Helping Your Child Learn to Read. Site operated by the U.S. Department of Education. This online book focuses primarily on what you can do to help children up to 10 years of age learn to read and enjoy reading.

Helping Your Child Use the Library. Site operated by the U.S. Department of Education. This online book will give you a short rundown on facts, as well as many simple, fun activities for you and your child to do together.

Parents’ Guide Book. Contains a complete guide to how to protect your children on the Internet. Also offers information to teachers, teacher educators, law enforcement, etc.

Preschool Zone. This website contains ideas and links to ideas to fun and educational things to do "keep your child busy."

National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL). A " nonprofit organization supporting family literacy services for families across the United States through training, programming, research, advocacy and dissemination." Located in Louisville. Good links.

Sites for ESL and Adult Literacy

Literacy.org. Links the International Literacy Institute (ILI), UNESCO, and the National Center on Adult Literacy (NCAL) housed at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. It provides links to international literacy sites especially useful to developing countries. The aim is to provide leadership in research and training in the field of international literacy and development.

Internet TESL Journal. This well-designed forum offers materials that one can download as well as articles, teaching techniques, lesson plans, and links to issues of interest to ESL teachers. It includes electronic discussion lists and news groups.

Teacher Information Network. This site houses a teacher chat room with focus on ESL issues. Identifies and reviews teacher sites. Links to USDOE and state DOEs. http://www.teacher.com

Literacy Assistance Center. The LAC provides information on resources and links to literacy on the Net. It is useful to teachers and students alike. Its web site links and e-mail contacts can connect teachers and students around the world.

J. Roby Kidd Resource Centre, International Council for Adult Education. This site contains titles of journals, magazines, and newsletters from all over the world. It offers responses to queries received by e-mail, fax, or telephone. Subject bibliographies are available. French, Spanish, and English versions are offered.

English-to-Go. Classroom-ready esl activities, based on articles that have appeared in Reuters; new lessons posted weekly, with complete lesson plans.  http://www.english-to-go.com

Story Place. A very interactive site for beginning readers, organized around themes, each with a reading activity, an interactive activity, a printable activity, and a reading list. Each theme is available in English and Spanish. The site thus provides a great way to accommodate Spanish-speaking students and to introduce Spanish to other students.
Operated by the Public Library of Charlotte (NC) and Mecklenburg County.  http://www.storyplace.org/

Book Hive. Makes book recommendations to kids through age 12. Organized by category. Online audio stories available. Operated by the Public Library of Charlotte (NC) and Mecklenburg County.  http://www.bookhive.org/

Flags and Maps of the World. Provides flags and maps, but little else. This visual site places very low text reading demands on users. Operated by the Public Library of Charlotte (NC) and Mecklenburg County.  http://www.plcmc.org/forkids/mow/

Historical Sites

History of Literacy. Offers research and an excellent set of links. Operated by the History of Literacy special interest group of IRA. http://www.historyliteracy.org/

Center for the Book. This division of the Library of Congress is the hub of numerous resources and links related to promoting literacy. It "was established in 1977 to use the resources and prestige of the Library of Congress to promote books, reading, libraries, and literacy." Most states now have affiliates. (Check out their intriguing logo!) http://lcweb.loc.gov/loc/cfbook/

Hoax Sites

Hoax Busters. A good source of information regarding Internet hoaxes is the U.S.
government's Hoaxbusters site, housed at the Department of Energy. I'm not sure why it's housed there, but it may save you plenty of energy the next time you receive a virus warning, chain letter, too-good-to-be-true offer, or something of the kind. http://HoaxBusters.ciac.org/

Urban Legends Reference Pages. Allows you to identify Internet hoaxes and other dysinformation. Use the search engine or select categories. Fascinating browsing! http://www.snopes2.com/

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